Antoine de Caunes, who always laughs at it, tells his story in an autobiography called “Perso”. Meet.

He is the child of rock and television, the son of a couple of pioneers of the small screen, Georges de Caunes and Jacqueline Joubert. In Perso, Antoine de Caunes tells with modesty behind the scenes of 40 years of televisual delirium. “I give myself up without giving myself up. It is illusory to think that we are completely and completely transparent,” he admits to the microphone of France 2. “There is a rather frenzied refusal of the spirit of seriousness. (…) I love the idea of doing a job very seriously without taking yourself seriously “.

“Humor protects me”
In his autobiography, he alludes to the depression he went through. “For me, humor is my lifeline, it protects me. It allows me to keep things that are painful at a distance. There is something very childish about it,” says Antoine de Caunes.

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